What is Integrative Kinesiology?

Integrative Kinesiology combines a person-centered approach with a muscular test to find stress factors and blockages. It combines strengthening techniques from western and eastern healing arts to activate self-healing and to support personal development.


The word Kinesiology comes from the Greek language and means kinematics.

Kinesiology combines findings from medicine, chiropractic, brain research and psychology with the experience of Chinese teaching of the five elements.


The muscular test provides access to innate body intelligence and provides feedback on the causes of stress and blockages at the level of the body, mind and emotions.

External influences, thoughts and feelings influence our muscle tension. By lightly pressing on a muscle, usually on the arm, the test shows if something weakens the muscle or if it remains strong.

The muscular test also reveals the positive changes at the end of a kinesiology session.


Strengthening techniques include stress reduction techniques, acupressure, colors and
color glasses, strengthening of muscles, holding reflex points,  points for
muscular exercises and others.