Lilian De Graaf



Since my youth, I have been interested in how to strengthen health and to find more joy and happiness in life.

I am a certified integrative kinesiologist and teacher.

At school I have been working as a teacher with children and adolescents for more than 20 years. With kinesiology, I have found a useful supplement to my work as a teacher. I am a mother to a daughter and I love to spend my free time outdoors in nature.

I believe that the art of living is about realizing what is important and close to my heart.


My training:


2015 - 2017

Master program of the five elements psychology at the IKAMED Institute in Zurich



Psychology and professional conversation at the Apamed in Jona


2012 - 2014

Vocational training as a certified integrative kinesiologist at the IKAMED Institute


2011 - 2013

Basic medical education in anatomy, physiology, and pathology at the Apamed in Jona



Educational kinesiology at the IKAMED Institute in Zurich


2002 - 2003

Holistic psychology at the SHS in Aarau


1999 - 2001

English for secondary school at the University of Zurich


1991 - 1994

Vocational education as a teacher in Zurich



Swiss Matura


I constantly partake in continuation courses in the field of kinesiology,
psychology and medicine.

I am a member of the Integrative Kinesiology Association.